Logo Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines as closely as possible. If you have any problems or are unsure you can meet the following guidelines, please contact a Promotional USB Sales Representative for assistance

  1. We highly recommend that you submit an Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Corel Draw (.cdr), Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) file made up of entirely vector art.
  2. Any text that appears in your logo should either be embedded in the file or made into outlines. Embedding or creating outlines is important because we cannot be responsible for substituted or lost fonts.
  3. Please contact us if your logo contains gradients or fades.
  4. Logos with the same color in different opacities (shades) are printed as another color and may be assessed extra fees (i.e., a logo with dark blue and light blue is considered a two-color imprint)
  5. If your organisation does not have a vector logo available, we can create it for you and depending on the complexity and purchase volume we may do it for free or negotiate a reasonable fee. In this case please send us the raster(bitmap).
  6. If you are going to send us an .eps file, make sure that it is actually composed of vector art and not just saved as an .eps from a bitmap (such as a standard JPEG, bitmap, GIF, PNG or Photoshop file).
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Graphic Design Services

If you don't have in-house designers and want quality artwork for any part of your Graphic Design Services order, we strongly suggest that you consider trusting your project to our capable team.

  1. We employ a team of highly talented graphic designers.
  2. Creative professionals have the communication skills and experience to identify your needs.
  3. Can assist you graphically by doing anything from vector art creation for your logo to custom package design and printing.
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