Promotional Spring Wristband USB

Functional Fashion Statement - USB Spring Wrist Bands!

Kids love them. They are bright, colourful and very functional. And you don't have to be a kit to fall in love with these.

These are the perfect TRADE Show give-a-way. They hold your marketing information, a movie, MP3 music files, PoerPoint Presentations… the imagination is about the only limit for these beautiful and highly functional USB Jump Drives.

Just pop off the spring wristband and insert the USB end into any Mac or PC. Transfer your data to or from the drive. With storage sizes from 512MB all the way up to 16 GB, you can hold a ton of documents, PowerPoint presentations, some Adobe Acrobat (pdf) sales brochures, about 3 movies movies or a lot of MP3 audio or music files.

The USB Spring WRISTBAND is printable, too and includes a one-color print with your minimum purchase of 100 units.

We're Promotional USB

We've been offering "Factory Direct" USB products for a very long time. We're based in Australia and we ship worldwide.

Our minimum quantity orders are small and our prices are affordable. And best of all, we can print your product name, or company logo into nearly any USB product we have in stock.

Our USB Spring Wristbands Jump Drives are a brilliant way to help promote your company, your church or charity. Available in a wide array of colors.

All of our Jump Drives are Hi-Speed USB 2.0 which offer cross platform Mac/PC convenience. You can hot-swap the connection with any device that supports USB 2 and enjoy high-speed data transfers.

And if you're all thumbs at developing a graphic or catchy statement, we have a full service design group inside our firm. So we can help you dream up the right graphics and text to laser engrave on your USB Jump Drives.

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Ideal Uses for USB Credit Card Jump Drive

Perfect to hand out to customers, or mail out your marketing brochure on. They are also perfect for trade shows. USB Jump Drives can sport your logo on them and we offer a wide selection of colours for you to choose from.

All orders of 100 or more get a FREE 1-color print with your logo or catchy text phrase. You can also add a 2-colour or 3-colour logo, too.

Click here to see our design portfolio of past clients to get an idea of what we can do to customise your order.

If you're short on ideas… we can help. Just pop over to our website at or call us at 07 5538 3711 - 1300 665 810

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Popular Choice!

The USB Spring Wrist Bands are very popular. It's a also an ideal gimmick to give away for a store promotion or for your next trade show. You can load up your USB Jump Drive with a self running marketing presentation, sales brochures including Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) sales or marketing literature, photos, coupons and so much more.

Medical History

If you are diabetic, or allergic to certain vaccines or drugs, many people are wearing these high-impact, colorful wristbands whenever they leave the house. In the event of any kind of accident and you are unable to communicate with medical responders first on scene, they can use your USB wristband which contains your medical information. It's an ideal product to have with you when precious seconds count.

Music MP3 Clips

Promotional and cover bands are now using the colourful USB wristbands to distribute their music to their fans on. The digital music files can be easily transferred from your wristband to your Mac or PC, then quickly into iTunes and then downloaded to your favorite MP3 player or iPhone or iPad.

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We offer different styles of Credit Card USB Jump Drives

  • 5-year warranty
  • 10 year Data Retention
  • Storage Options: 512mb, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB
  • Colors Avail: Red, Orange, Yellow, Black and Pink, Please Ask for more.
  • Model # Wristband-Spring-USB


Your order of 100 units or more entitles you to a complimentary 1-colour print to your USB wristbands. On the royal blue or black, we highly recommend WHITE ink. On the other colors, white, yellow, orange, green, we recommend a darker ink such as BLACK.

  • For a 2-color Print add: .20 (ea) to your order
  • For a 3-color Print add: .30 (ea) to your order

For all colour options, please visit

Optional Accessories: