USB Drives in the Corporate Environment

USB imageIf your company has ever been involved in a promotional or direct mail campaign there is every chance your brand has been seen on everything from caps to key-chains, t-shirts to golf balls. The bad news is; so has your competitor. Even worse, many of those expensive promotional pieces end up in the bin or as the rag that someone cleans their car with each and every Sunday. If the idea of a promotion is to create an impact, maybe it’s time you started thinking flash.

USB Devices are the ideal way for your staff to carry and transfer information between home and office. They can hold up to 1Gb of data making them perfect for presentations and as a way of promoting your brand to prospective clients, to the public or to your existing data base. You won’t a more functional or sought after gift.

Take the promotion of your brand to a new level by customising your promotional USB drive to reflect your business. Whether your company sells batteries, cars, pizza, cameras or magazines we can manufacture USB Promotional drives in any 2D or 3D shape. See entire range.

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