USB Education Flash DriveThe USB drive has become the most accessible and convenient way to transport and transfer data from your schools or universities computer to home and back again. Universal to both PC and Macintosh operating systems, the USB device or flash drive, as it is often known, is lightweight, cost efficient, easy to store and yet powerful enough to stockpile more than enough information for anyone from primary school student to university post-graduate. See entire range.

Girl imageWhile the transfer of information is vital for both student and teacher, the USB device can also play a role in the recruitment of students and staff to your school or university. Prospective students or teachers can be easily sent a customised drive complete with preloaded promotional material. Sell them at your school bookstore or library and or provide them to all your students once they have registered. See entire range.

The future of education has never looked this flash.


  1. Tough range of drives to suit school environment
  2. Up to 4 colour print on both sides of your USB.
  3. Promotional/recruitment information uploaded to drive if necessary.
  4. Custom shapes available for orders over 1000 units.
  5. Flexible payment terms
  6. All warranties held in Australia.

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