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How often has this happened to you (or your clients!): you have an important presentation coming up, for school, university, or work, and you’ve diligently backed up everything you need – script, slides, spreadsheets, and more – onto your faithful USB drive. And then, when the big day comes… you can’t find it anywhere. You search through your bags, pockets, drawers, tabletops, and trays… to no avail. Frantically, you try and recall if, at any point, you emailed your work to yourself, or saved it online, or kept a copy of it locally on your laptop or desktop computer… but you know how useful a good USB thumb drive or flash drive can be, so you didn’t bother.

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But what’s the solution? You don’t want to do away with your USB thumb drive or flash drive – after all, they’re a wonderful way of boosting the memory on your machine and keeping your work safe and secure with you, wherever you go. But you don’t want to run the risk of losing it again, either.

That’s where we at PromotionALL come in.

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Custome USB Keychains At An Affordable Price

We are a retailer of personalised and highly customisable promotional products, and we are dedicated to helping you grow brand awareness for your business, enterprise, or service. By printing your logo, slogan, name, or marketing material on our top-quality products (including electronics, apparel, drinkware, and more) you can guarantee increased exposure and interactions at a minimal and very reasonable cost. Our products help businesses big and small connect with potential customers and build real, authentic relationships that will last a lifetime. And we’re especially proud of our wide range of customisable USB products. In fact, USB drives are how we got started in this business! That’s why we were originally called Promotional USB! 

PromotionALL began as a team of just two marketing pros, who were passionate about exploring and eventually dominating the promotional product market here in Australia. Our custom USB keychain is exactly what you need to ensure you never lose your USB drive again! Keep your most treasured work projects, personal files, photos, and more safe, right next to the keys that protect your home and your car. This way, you can keep almost your entire life accessible in one, easy spot, and you can rest assured in the knowledge that every time you leave the house, you’ll have your USB drive with you. And we have plenty of stylish options to choose from! 

We have a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and materials suitable for any personality, budget, or purpose. Whether you’re a university student heading out on your own for the first time in your adult life, or you’re an established businessperson who needs to keep important data close to hand, or you’re a teacher or presenter whose job depends on whipping out your dazzling slides and files at a moment’s notice, you never need to worry about finding yourself at a loss with our custom USB keychains.

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PromotionALL began in 2004, when we were known as Promotional USB, an Australian family business, focusing on delivering the best Customised Promotional products with a personalised touch. 

Fifteen years later our business is still forever expanding, continually providing excellent gifts, promotional products and branding opportunities for every occasion and across every industry. Make your business or message stand out with PromotionAll.

Our success has been built on quality, exemplary service with an outstanding quality of products to suit any budget. We can assist you in finding a marketing solution for your event. Our team are ready to assist you and have more than 15 years experience to understand your marketing and branding needs.

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