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How To Customize USB Flash Drive

The need for sufficient digital storage has been on the increase since the development of digital technology. With the advent of portable universal serial buses back in the 1990s, our ability to transport and transfer that storage became much easier, and now most people will have at least one USB stick in their possession. This makes these handy little devices a perfect option for branding.

But how to customise a USB flash drive is not immediately obvious, and given how small they can be, you will want to make the most of the opportunity. They need to be eye-catching, memorable and useful enough to have your customers and staff happy to have them on them wherever they go. Here are a few considerations for how to customise a USB.

Brand Identity

Whether you already have an established brand identity or are still in the early stages of development, you should consider how it can be implemented on your promotional USB. It may be that your brand image is too big or complicated to fit on a small USB stick, so you may needto think about one element of it to focus on to make it immediately obvious.

Likewise, your brand text might be too long or in a font that doesn’t work in miniature, so it is worth thinking about how best to leverage what you can to make it punchy and impactful. Be prepared to play with your designs a little to get the best out of them.



Most of our custom USB sticks have a wide range of colours to choose from, and we can often colour match if you have a particular brand colour you like to use. Think about how your established colours will complement the colour of the USB stick and whether your brand identity will be fully visible on it. When you’ve decided on a colour, trial it out a couple of times digitally. Remember that we can offer a sample to assess, so you can see what it looks like before placing your order!


One of the best features of our business is the variety of USB styles we offer including oval USBs, wristband USBs, swivel USB flash drives etc. If you are considering how to customise a USB stick, remember that it need not be a ‘stick’! They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from a sleek and elegant thumb drive to animal shapes, helicopters, trains – basically think of anything that can work with your brand, and we will likely be able to create a unique USB drive.

Functionality Of Customised USB Flash Drives

Memory options of our USB sticks range between 512MB and 64GB, so it is worth taking this into account as well. It is possible that your customers will need some that can only transport a couple of documents, and you need not look for high memory, high-speed USB stick. However, if you are in an industry that requires big files to be transported, such as images or videos, it might be worth paying out a little extra so that your customers or staff have something that can accommodate that.

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