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If you’ve been searching for new, unique, and cost-effective ways to promote your business, enterprise, or services, you need look no further than the wonderful products available through PromotionALL. We are Australia’s top provider of premium, high-quality, durable, and eye-catching promotional products, and we’ve been providing the market with exciting and eye-catching marketing opportunities since we first began selling fifteen years ago. Read More

We were originally known as Promotional USB and built our sterling reputation on our knowledge of all things related to USB flash drives and USB thumb drives. Through our unparalleled customer service and in-depth industry knowledge, we gradually expanded our range to include classic, eco-friendly, platinum, executive, custom, and novelty USB products, including custom coiled USB cords, USB pens, USB lanyards, USB drives shaped like animals, USB drives shaped like cars and trains, and more.

Why Should You Choose PromotionALL for your USB Cover?

Gifts and promotional items are excellent and affordable ways to grow your brand recognition and build sincere, emotional, and positive relationships with your potential customers and networking acquaintances. How often have you been given a paper business card, only to lose it, forget it, discard it in your trouser pockets, accidentally put it through the wash, or use it as a bookmark – and never find it again? Our goods and products will help you make a longer-lasting impression. How much more of an effective marketing strategy is it, to have a satisfied customer see your name, logo, slogan, branding, marketing, and imaging on their favourite mug, cap, keyring, USB drive, or t-shirt, every single time they use the item throughout their day?

Our products help you to stay constantly and positively at the forefront of your customers’ minds, and they make excellent promotional items to give away at conferences, talks, gatherings, speeches, parties, networking events, employee appreciation days, and more. This method of marketing and growing your brand recognition has a much lower and cost-effective price-tag per interaction than other forms of advertising, and the durability of our items guarantees thousands of interactions, across many different people, throughout their lifetimes.

We offer custom and highly personalised electronics, technology, apparel (such as T-shirts and hats), drinkware (such as travel mugs), a vast and exciting range of keyrings, and more. We provide a range of services and products including: personalised USB, custom USB Sydney, custom USB keychain – contact us today!

Our Philosophy About USB Covers

We proceed with passion, integrity, and drive in everything we do. We’re in this business because we have a genuine love for marketing and innovation, and our excellent customer service has kept people coming back to us time and time again. We pride ourselves on our creativity and our ability to offer fair prices, always – speak to us about our price match policy!

We are delighted to be able to provide marketing expertise via our degree-qualified marketing team, who are always more than happy to help you as part of our all-round service. And if you’re unsure what product is best for you, we can save you time by identifying the right product to best expose your brand.

We are always searching for and developing new and innovative products, and offer high standard, 12-month warranty on all products – and this is always done with a SMILE! Reach out to us today for more information!

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PromotionALL began in 2004, when we were known as Promotional USB, an Australian family business, focusing on delivering the best Customised Promotional products with a personalised touch. 

Fifteen years later our business is still forever expanding, continually providing excellent gifts, promotional products and branding opportunities for every occasion and across every industry. Make your business or message stand out with PromotionAll.

Our success has been built on quality, exemplary service with an outstanding quality of products to suit any budget. We can assist you in finding a marketing solution for your event. Our team are ready to assist you and have more than 15 years experience to understand your marketing and branding needs.

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