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PromotionALL offer a wide range of stylish branded and printed USB’s to ensure an immediate impact and WOW factor for your marketing spend. All products can be branded with your company logo or message for ultimate brand exposure. A great give away for customers, clients and staff. We offer a range of extra services for your USB such as Data pre-loading and dual partition, giving you the freedom to have added content. 

Custom logo USB drives make excellent gifts or giveaways to friends, family, co-workers, business connections, and especially potential customers. Raise brand awareness of your beloved enterprise by keeping it foremost in the recipient’s mind! Every time they log onto their laptop or desktop computer and retrieve, back-up, download, or upload files from your custom logo USB thumb drive, they’ll be looking at your branding – your imaging and slogans – and thinking of your business, and the services you provide. We’d say you can’t buy that kind of publicity, but from PromotionALL, you can! Read More

Affordable and Stylish Promotional USB Flash Drives

Modern businesses should now look at functional equipment as a means of getting their message out to new customers. It’s for these businesses that we’ve developed fully customisable USB sticks in Australia. They are easily adaptable to your brand and an excellent way of leveraging portability and your customer’s loyalty to build brand recognition. These days, a USB stick is always useful to your customers, and with your brand emblazoned on it, it will be useful to you as well.

There are several reasons you can count on USB sticks in Australia:

  • USB sticks are easy and cheap to manufacture in comparison to other forms of advertising, and you don’t have to pay extra to get them in front of new customers – your established customers can do that for you!
  • They build business recognition. The more customers who have your USB sticks in their pockets, laptops, desktops or other devices, the more exposure your brand is in front of new people.
  • Builds brand loyalty. It is true that when your customers have one of your promotional USB sticks, they will more regularly engage with your brand, even going as far as explaining who you are to those that are interested.
  • USB sticks are a quick, inexpensive corporate gift idea that can add value to your sales or even entice potential customers to make a purchase.
  • They are just as useful in building up morale and positive staff culture.

Crucially, the USB sticks we provide are well designed and very stylish, so whoever ends up using them will be proud to be seen with them!

Why Should You Choose PromotionALL For Branded Personalised USBs?

Did you know that we used to be known as Promotional USB? That’s how dedicated and knowledgeable we are when it comes to USB products!

We have fifteen years of educational and successful experience behind us, during we’ve completed 22,456 orders, satisfied 7654 clients, and sold our goods in ten different countries worldwide! And if you’re still not convinced, we believe completely in Creativity and fair prices, always – including price match! Our degree-qualified marketing team will also be more than happy to provide expertise as part of our excellent all-round service. When you come to us, you may not be entirely sure which products are the best to promote your business, but don’t worry – our friendly and helpful sales and marketing staff will help you identify the most efficient way to gain brand recognition through promotional items. And what’s more, we’re always searching for and creating new, innovative, and exciting products so be sure to keep checking back!

What Kind Of Custom Logo USB Drives Do We Offer?

Every business that wants to succeed values brand recognition. Your marketing department will have spent a great deal of time and effort in creating interesting and dynamic logos and graphics to catch the eye of your customers and potential customers. But these valuable marketing assets need not be saved for adverts and display banners alone.

We offer standard plastic, eco-friendly, platinum, executive, and custom USB products. This means that whatever your budget and needs, we have the USB drive for you, and better yet, we can put our logo, slogan, and branding on pretty much anything! We even provide branded custom USB pens, swivel USB flash drives, USB lanyards and more with the drive incorporated! Our multi-purpose, multi-use, long-lasting products are sure to win over potential customers.

Looking for Stylish & Cheap Promotional USB Sticks in Australia? Enquire Today!

If you are ready to take advantage of a simple and inexpensive way of getting your brand identity in front of new customers, enquire now for a free quote. We cater to all kinds of clients and can offer highly competitive prices on quality USB flash drives in Australia. Whether you are looking for a small batch of 25 low-capacity USBs or a bulk or of 2000 high memory sticks, we will offer you a significantly inexpensive solution. We also offer promotional pens, promotional bags, USB lanyards, USB covers & many more customised promotional items. Enquire today via our enquiry form, or give us a call today, and we’ll get your promotional USBs out to you! 

Hello and welcome to PromotionALL. We’re a home-grown, Australian-run supplier of promotional products, and we started as a team of just two people, who were eager to dig in and dominate the advertising industry with our long-lasting, vibrant, and highly customisable custom USB sticks. See, when we started out, we were known for our custom USB flash drives (which, by the way, you can complement with a custom coiled USB cable or a matching custom USB thumb drive); today, we offer an expansive range of products, including electronics, apparel, drinkware, keyrings, packaging, printing services, and more, but we’re also extremely proud of the custom USB products with which we grew our name and sterling reputation!

If you’ve been at a loss as to how to customize your USB flash drive, you need look no further. We’ll do all the hard graft for you, saving you time, convenience, and money. But what are the benefits, you might ask, of custom USB flash drives?

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Standard USB

A popular choice by Universities, Schools and Government departments. These USB’s allow for up to 4 colour printing in razor sharp detail to maximise your logo or message. Available in a multitude of colours and types for every business and budget

Eco Friendly USB

The environmentally friendly way to promote your brand and display your message with an unique eco friendly usb that your clients are sure to love and keep handy. Can be laser engraved on wood to give a rustic touch.

Executive USB

Our Executive range are the most stylish way to present your logo or branding. Pure style and power for your logo to stand out in a crowd.


Now that’s unique and useful. Combine the art of a pen with a USB to create a corporate gift that is stylish. A true winning combination. Available in a broad range of colours and styles from budget to executive.


Business Card USB’s are an ideal gift for executives and staff  that will definitely be used and loved. And why not when it fits in a wallet. These USB cards have the entire printable area to delivery your entire message.


Combining a fun bracelet with a handy USB. Available in a variety of fun and corporate colours. Popular with expos and the educational sectors but only limited by your imagination.

USB Lanyards

Print, weave or sublimate your logo or corporate message on our full range of lanyards. Lanyards are a key branding opportunity only limited by your imagination.

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CUstom USB

Now that’s very clever and did we mention awesome! For the ultimate corporate branding consider a custom USB. A novel but unique way for your business branding to always be on the desk of your clients. A true keepsake. We can make a USB to fit any business design, shape or size. What is your business shape?

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